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Alongside my book & free video lessons, some people over the years have asked to study privately with me, finding one on one tuition more effective than self study. Skype video calling is for the moment a decent enough means to provide this kind of instruction online.

Before booking a lesson, make sure that in fact you own a proper quality Duduk that plays in tune. If you’re not sure you can send me an email about this and we can go over to see if you own an instrument that you can study on, and if not arrange so you can purchase one from a trusted seller.

The rate per lesson is $50 for a One Hour Session. Lessons are available during the week and weekend, but bear in mind my Timezone of +2GMT.

Payment is done via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account let me know so we can arrange Payment via Credit Card Online.

Cancellations are to be 24 hours prior to lesson. Prior notice will result in re-scheduling or a refund as per the preference of the individual. Lessons not cancelled in due time or No-Shows will not be refunded.


If you are considering one on one tuition with me, when emailing me, please include as much information as possible, including:


  • How long you’ve been playing Duduk
  • Where you acquired your Duduk from (eBay,Amazon,etc.)
  • How many Reeds you own & if you’ve checked their tuning
  • What you’re looking to learn in the lesson (technique, scales, etc.)
  • Short term & Long term goals

Note: First lesson will actually run longer than 60 minutes, since we’ll be looking at how to warm up the reed properly and discussing the materials. Any further lessons the student will be expected to warm up the reed & be prepared for the lesson.Generally we will be following the material outlined in my book since the exercises are the ones and the same I used to develop my own playing. I tend to recommend to students that they buy my book and try working on their own first with some of them before taking a lesson. Note also I do not recommend a lesson more than a month at a time. Unless you’re looking to study heavily and become a professional Duduk player, the amount of hours needed to make progress on the Duduk is similar to the gym.. you’re not going to see any major results after one weeks worth of practice.

Ready to book a lesson? Contact Me