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Release date : Aug. 03, 2013
  1. Prophecy
  2. The Return
  3. Furore Daemonis
  4. Lunae Lucem Pallidus
  5. Lumina Angeli


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The first Trailer based album release by DFZ, “Prophecy” was written and produced entirely around being used in Media, be it for a video game or a blockbuster movie.

The tracks go from Epic & Heroic, to haunting and Eastern, encompassing Action, Sci-Fi, and other dark fiction based scenarios.

Featuring Hybrid styles of synthetics, samples and orchestra, mixed with Live Vocals and Duduk, “Prophecy” is capable of being used in any professional project with a dark vibe.

For licensing visit AudioJungle, or alternatively contact me and ask for license rights (Mechanical Royalties & PRO Information will be provided).