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Dreamfullofzen — Pentaology
Release date : Dec. 21, 2012
  1. Honor
  2. T.H.E.O.S (The Echoes Of Silence)
  3. Hagakure
  4. Silent
  5. Rain


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Celebrating 5 years of Dreamfullofzen & the music of “Silent Echoes”, Pentaology is the 5th release by DFZ.

The music of Silent Echoes garnered a large underground following, with its blend of cinematic orchestral sounds, fused with rock guitar and ethnic oriental melodies. “Pentaology” revists some of the more popular songs from the demo & takes them into a different light.

Never being one to repeat myself, I took these themes, and made them something unique, almost entirely new pieces in their own right.

My last release was brimming with guitar… guitar overload… so as such, the guitar here is absent for the most part, to make better use of orchestral sounds that I previously was unable to do on Silent Echoes.

I’d Like to thank you all for listening, and remind you all that, when one chapter ends, a new one begins…