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Dreamfullofzen — 2035
Release date : Jan. 25, 2012
Label : Tunecore
  1. Equilibrium
  2. Chase The Storm
  3. Dragons Kiss
  4. 2035
  5. Cyber-Nightmare Suite
  6. Rebellion
  7. No More
  8. Game On!
  9. The Burning Sorrow
  10. Queen of The Dead
  11. Desert God
  12. The Game We Play
  13. Thirteen


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What started off as an illustration, led to a track, which led to the idea of a project….

The concept was to fuse Middle Eastern sounds, with Electronica, and industrial style guitar textures.

It’s taken many years of writing, re-writing, producing, learning, trial and error, and pretty much creating something beyond anything I’ve done before…. 2035 is certainly not what people expect from me….”

2035 is a unique blend of modern heavy guitar pyrotechnics, fused with a more soulful & eastern sound. 13 tracks of passionate & driving music, it is both intense, and at times dark and subtle.

Featuring prominent use of the Armenian Duduk, like on tracks “Dragons Kiss’ & “Game On!”, the fusion of Guitar and Duduk gives 2035 a unique sound compared to most rock & metal albums.

Also making his vocal debut, DFZ sings on 2 songs, including the catchy & infectious “The Game We Play”