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London born composer, Guitarist & Duduk player, Dave Tawfik has led something of an eclectic and interesting life & has had a diverse and rewarding career path. Picking up the Guitar in his teens, he was more drawn to electronic music and the textures and sounds that could be created, going as far as re-wiring his Guitar & developing his own circuit boards and exploring not only the playing and sound, but the actual physical aspects of sound design and developing unique and creative sounds.

Graduating from the acclaimed Academy of Contemporary Popular Music in Guildford surrey, Dave was fortunate enough to study amongst heavy hitting legends, such as Bill Bruford, Dave Kilminster, Guthrie Goven, Pete Callard & the sorely missed Eric Roche. Specializing in Guitar Performance, he also studied Music Production, and learned and developed essential skills in not only music recording and production, but also the expertise required to get the most out of any setup & how to efficiently and professional work with other musicians and artists.

After teaching for several years & producing several artists and short temp tracks for media in the U.K, Dave packed up and headed out for the Middle East, being drawn to the mysterious and exotic musical sounds that were becoming more and more common in European Music for Media. Whilst in Egypt, Dave began to explore the sounds of the region and apply them to his compositions. During this time he worked as an Adjunct Faculty for the A.U.C, teaching not only Guitar and Music Theory, but also musicianship skills & briefly taught students about creating music digitally.

It was around 2009 that Dave got his first Duduk, and began teaching himself to play & started conducting research online on the instrument, it’s heritage, and the music of the regions where the instrument could be found. This research although originally was compiled for a PhD was converted into the self published and well received “The Armenian Duduk: a complete guide“, the first book of its kind written for the Western perspective and teaching Duduk Pedagogy.

Several years later Dave has become a sought after player & teacher of the instrument, having appeared on several scores on T.V internationally as well as video games and film trailers, as well as appearing on several albums by independent artists.

Having stepped away from the academic world, Dave is now back to producing music full time, working on releasing several E.Ps of music via Bandcamp, as well as producing other artists and focusing on writing and producing more materials for the Duduk.

Bill Murphy Show



Interview on the Bill Murphy Show (2012)


A.U.C Lecture on Music Production



Media (Film, T.V, etc.)

Cryptic Reflections – Additional Composer & Sound
Disciples & Witnesses – Intro Music
Long Range Pursuit РLicensed Music (Humtoo M.Library)

Stage Productions

“The Arsonists” (Score & Sound Design)
“A Midsummer Nights Dream”¬†(Score & Sound Design)
“One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” (Sound Design)
“INFINITY” – (Score & Sound Design)

Performance Credits

“Stronghold Crusader 2” (Video Game) (Solo Duduk)
“Elements” Ikarus Ft. Neda (Duduk)
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 track=203668010 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]
“Temporary Name” (T.V Series) (Electric Guitar)
“Asia” (T.V Series) (Chinese Dizi Flute & Custom Bamboo Flute & Duduk)
“Al Maslaha” – (Duduk)
David Edwards “Eclipse” – (Duduk & Bamboo Flute)