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New Website Launched!

Hey folks!

Thought it was about time I launched a new site..  As much as I liked my old design, it was kinda outdated, sluggish, and bloated with useless junk or stuff that just wasn’t really current anymore.

So what is there to expect from me & this new site? Well I stepped away from the academic world to focus on production now, so expect more in the way of music and Duduk related materials from me, including more instructional material in the form of another book & more videos teaching various things on YouTube. I’m looking to up my game production wise, so no more grainy bedroom videos!

Music wise I’m also in the middle of producing various new things for other clients, as well as doing my own E.P releases via Bandcamp. My last release Enigma has been well received and I’m looking forward to peoples reaction to “Perplexity”.

Well thanks for reading, Keep it real n whatnot.


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