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Perplexity EP

Another release from me! Told you I’d be busy producing again! This time it’s my own thing, the follow up to the well received “Enigma” EP. “Perplexity” is the continuation and evolution of themes I’d written recently mixed with older themes, and is something of a departure from my previous sound, and the beginning of stepping into new territory.

Written to be used as underscore in Trailers or film primarily, my new set of EPs are basically me breaking out of the box of my old compositions, and working more with textures and minimalist arrangements, compared to my previous 50 track “wall of sound” dense compositions.

Introspective, Evocative, and somewhat dream like, “Perplexity” is all about where most of us are in our lives right now.. trying to make sense of things as they seem, and for the most part, being unable to, and just accepting the darkness and beauty of it all.

“Perplexity” will be out soon. Till then enjoy the single here:

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